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Ataki means "First" in High Valyrian, that's because we want to be a unique Design Studio that can help you make your brand "The First". We are a group of talented, visionary and creative Designers who live to create new ideas that can take your brand to the next level.
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I've heard about Ataki from one of my friends, and when I saw their work I decided to chose them to make Visual Identity for my Brand what happened next was magic.

Tarek Refaie

Just Smile Dental Center CEO

What they did in X1Store.com captured my mind from the very first glance! Their work is Amazing.

Amr Elmestekawi

X1 Store CEO/Founder

I've been working with Ataki for 2 years, and two of my brands are designed by them, unparalleled quality work they've got.

Amira Yousif

Goals CEO/Founcer

When it comes to design, I always chose Ataki, they have a very creative team and always making new ideas, simply great.

Amr El Hadad

Upper Capital Marketing Manager

Ataki is one of the best design studios in Egypt and I look forward to see it one of the best in the world.

Hatem El Sheikh

Oxygen CEO/Founder